New simple, fast and very accurate method for quantifying the antioxidant capacity of your samples

LIBIOS offers an innovative method based on electrochemistry that includes a portable reader (e-BQC) with test strips (e-BQC strips) to quantify in less than a minute the total antioxidant capacity (TAC) of your liquid and aqueous samples (milk, honey, wine, champagne, fruit juice, …).

In addition to this device, you will also find our list of colorimetric and fluorometric assay kits (BQC kits) for the determination of the oxidative stress and the antioxidant capacity of your food and biological samples, ideal for your quality control and your R&D : DMDP, FRAP, MDA-TBARS, ORAC, CUPRAC, thiols, polyphénols, anthocyanines, proanthocyanidines, catalase, SOD, nitrites

Analysis testing kits & food antioxidants Our tools and solutions for antioxidant capacity quantification in food, plants, biological samples aim to serve analysis or research in various fields such as :

Nutritional Research:

study the properties of different diets and the oxidative effects of some food on health

Food Antioxidant Research:

study of the preservation properties of natural antioxidants as food additives

Plant applications Research:

study the properties of plant extracts eBQC device is a versatile tool which could be used with different purposes

Product development:

Do you want to develop a new product with impressive properties ?

Quality control:

Did you know that antioxidant capacity is a quality marker ? Check the influence of your process on it.

Why choosing LIBIOS assay kits ?

First, for added value
May you have super antioxidant products without knowing it ?

Secondly: Stand out
Be different than other brands. Create customer trust.

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