To the need to propose precise techniques for the analysis of melamine in food samples, LIBIOS has developed an efficient Puri-Fast® column for sample preparation allowing through a separative phase (Clean-Up) purifying for toxin detection by chromatographic method (HPLC/LC-MS/MS).

Melamine is a chemical molecule that, when exposed to heat, is used in the manufacture of resins. Also known as cyanurotriamine or cyanuramide, melamine is often found in objects such as dishes, phones or materials such as formica.

It is highly resistant to abrasives and heat. Melamine can increase protein levels.
This is why the agri-food industry has added it in certain products.

But its toxicity to the kidneys has stopped its exploitation by the food industry.

However some illegal additions have resulted to the presence of melamine in animal feed with dramatic consequences on the animals. Then the food scandal of contaminated baby milk in China in the 2000s has caused a very large number of kidney diseases, some of them found to be fatal.

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