Bioanalysis, R&D and Education

LIBIOS offers a comprehensive assay kits and reagents range for research, bioanalysis and education. Our offer includes immunochemistry, classical chemistry, specialized chemistry and bacterial serology assay kits.

Researchers, teachers and project managers find in this range fast, easy-to-use reagents, controls and calibrators to measure common analytes such as glucose (Gopod format), creatinine, creatine kinase, ALT/GPT, cholesterol, albumine, amylase, uree, calcium, triglycerides, zinc, …

  • Efficient and sensitive assay kits
  • Manual format and suitable to auto-analysers
  • Long expiry dates, stability
  • Clear and simple technical instructions
  • Availability of references
  • Support and reactivity of our team
  • Specific pricing offers to help Education

The LIBIOS+ : special support for schools, universities and teachers!

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