Fast and efficient detection kits for gluten and food allergens

LIBIOS offers rapid detection methods to control your allergenic and / or gluten risk control plans.

Gluten & food allergens

Food allergens are a preponderant and persistent risk for people with allergies (from simple itching or skin rash to fatal anaphylactic shocks). The ingestion of gluten, a protein present in several cereals (wheat, barley, rye), although it is problematic for gluten-intolerant people, is very dangerous in case of celiac disease, a chronic and autoimmune disorder, which causes long-term harm to the body.

Food manufacturers are extremely vigilant about their quality control plans and HACCP. They carry out more and more routine tests upstream to detect possible contamination of allergens or gluten in their products.
Face the resurgence of consumer expectations regarding a "without allergens" consumer offer and a clear and complete labeling, it becomes necessary to regularly and simply and efficiently control raw materials, finished products as well as the work environment (production lines, instruments) as well as rinsing water.

Analysis testing kits: Gluten & allergens

LIBIOS offers 2 methods according to your expectations, your equipment, the targeted detection limits and the goal to detect allergens quantitatively (concentration of the desired protein) or qualitatively (absence or presence) in your samples / work surfaces.

Immuno-chromatographic test strips

Rapid allergens or gluten detection strips: simple and ready-to-use tests, qualitative (yes / no answer) or semi-quantitative, in food, drinks, rinsing water, environment (surfaces and instruments). These quick kits are suitable for food samples quality control as much as working environment control.

ELISA, immuno-enzymatic assay kits

ELISA quantitative assay kits by enzymatic immunoassay (antigen / antibody reaction) with colorimetric revelation. This range of kits, complete and constantly evolving in relation to the needs of the market, allows reliable, fast and sensitive analyzes (low detection thresholds, search for traces). These kits are suitable for the use in food and feed quality control samples as much as working environment control samples.

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