Emerging toxins

LIBIOS offers an evolutive list of mycotoxin certified standards in solution or powder to help you calibrate your chromatographic equipment and/or boost your samples.

Mycotoxins still pose real risks to human and animal health, vigilance is increasing and new toxins are regularly appearing and are regulated according to their toxicity factor and occurrence. Other types of mycotoxins, known as emerging or masked mycotoxins, are increasingly being studied in light of their risk factors in food and feed.

These include beauvericin, enniatines, moniliformin, alternariols, tenuazonic acids, sterigmatocystin…

The determination of these numerous toxic mycotoxins does not pose any particular difficulty when isolated, purified and in sufficient quantities for the detection limits of the usual measuring devices (Chromatography, NMR, Mass spectrometry, etc.).

However these secondary metabolites are found in more complex matrices and often in trace amounts such as the matrix effect or background noise of the devices makes their detection and measurement very delicate.

The precise determination of these compounds requires the use of calibration reference solutions and/or the addition of internal standards whenewere possible.
One of the most appropriate internal standard calibration technique consists of deploying co-eluting stable isotope labeled analogue of each analyte as the internal standard, to compensate matrix effect and instrumental bias.

Consult the EU regulation about mycotoxins.

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