Determination of enzymatic activities

Determination of protease activities, amylase (alpha/beta), xylanase, glucanase, cellulase, fructanase, protease, dextrinase, pullulanase, dextranase, mannanase...

LIBIOS offers you efficient, accurate, innovative, diagnostic tools to determinate a wide range of enzymatic activities in your food, plant, biological, bacteriological samples, enzymatic industrial preparations and various other matrices.

An enzymatic activity corresponds to the calculation of the catalytic effect of an enzyme, based on the amount of substrate transformed per unit time.

A photometer or spectrophotometer is required for this type of analysis. LIBIOS markets a selection of robust and efficient devices with the possibility to rent this equipment in order to test, evaluate and validate a method.

Several techniques for the determination of enzymatic activities are available, depending on your need, your equipment, your wish for a turnkey protocol or the development of your own method.

LIBIOS proposes also corresponding high quality and purity enzymes.

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