PAK MARKER® method (PAH - Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon)

The PAK MARKER technique is particularly suitable to help professionals to evaluate presence or absence of tars in asphalt in the simplest and quickest way possible: the reading of the result is almost immediate!

The principle of the PAK Marker is a white paint base containing a specified solvent sprayed mist on the asphalt sample. This solvent dissolves the Pahs and, upon drying, by reaction, causes the paint to turn yellow. If the colour of the paint changes, the asphalt is polluted with Pahs. The reading of the result is almost immediate and provides qualitative information (yes/no).

This method has several advantages for the user:

  • An immediate reaction and a « yes/no » answer,
  • No specific equipment or training required,
  • Simple and ready to use,
  • In stock at LIBIOS, quick delivery,
  • Very long shelf life.

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