A development focused on toxin detection to ensure food security

At the origin of its creation in 2006, LIBIOS made the choice to develop its own range of products for the mycotoxins detection, a need of analysis on which the market is full growing and mutation.

The first Puri-Fast® immunoaffinity columns, developed to purify samples before HPLC, determine yourself for their performance and high level of quality.
LIBIOS extends its range with SPE Clean Up purification columns, mycotoxin standards in powder and solution forms.

An expert and efficient development team

In the face of this great success, the management and development team is seeking to expand its range by offering highly qualitative and innovative complementary products with the aim of covering broader applications from analytical and industrial laboratories. LIBIOS choices a selection of European partners with whom it enters into distribution agreements and expands its range.

Then LIBIOS is enriched by a new range of milk adulteration kits which opens the doors of the dairy industries.

In 2013, LIBIOS invests in a building with studied architecture for its needs and its expansion.
Inside, we find one larger and completely equipped laboratory (HPLC, LCMSMS, automatic biochemistry analyzer, spectrophotometers, microplate reader...).

MADE IN FRANCE innovation and quality as drivers

LIBIOS continues its development on its own innovations MADE IN FRANCE products range, especially by the enrichment of its standard mycotoxin range, field of analysis which is always in vigilance increased because of the emergence of new toxins and the mutation of others.

LIBIOS invests in 2019 in a high sensitive state of art LCMSMS, dedicated to the specific development of these standards, customized mixed solutions and to their certification.

LIBIOS has also developed expertise in the labeling molecules enriched in carbon 13.

With a continuous growth since its establishing, LIBIOS benefits from key success factors thanks to its dynamism, its market knowledge, its research of innovative products and its culture of customer satisfaction.