LIBIOS proposes to optimize your analysis by using high-performance solutions to accompany your multimycotoxin measurements.

With our Puri-Fast® high-performance sample preparation columns:

  • Puri-Fast® Immuno-purification sample preparation columns for the selective concentration of one or more toxins using an antibody, for detection by different chromatographic techniques (HPLC).
  • Puri-Fast® Clean-Up / Extra Clean-Up SPE Columns for the preparation of samples by a separative solid phase specially developed for the purification of a family of toxins as to be detected by different chromatographic techniques (HPLC/LC-MS/MS).

LIBIOS offers you also its LIB'UP® certified mycotoxins standards in solution format or stable isotope labeled analogue of some important mycotoxins for:

  • Preparing your calibration curves on HPLC or LC-MS/MS
  • Controlling your extraction method for the mycotoxin targeted

Mycotoxins still pose real risks to human and animal health, vigilance is increasing and new toxins are regularly appearing.

The level of mycotoxins in food is regulated at European and international levels. To quantify mycotoxins in your samples, purification and detection techniques have become reference methods.

Materials/samples are also more and more varied, from simple matrices: cereals, to more complex matrices: animal feed, spices, coffee, cocoa…and they contain often several mycotoxins at the same time. Liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry coupling methods are becoming increasingly popular because they provide a sensitive and simultaneous determination of several mycotoxins in different matrices.

Consult the EU regulation about mycotoxins.

Consult the international regulation according to mycotoxins and geographical areas

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