13C Labeled internal standards

Internal mycotoxin standards allow you to measure toxins contained in your samples by LCMSMS accurately. You can generate calibration curves and control your extraction method in your food/feed or biological materials.
LIBIOS has developed a specific expertise and technology for production of labeled internal standard entirely uniformly enriched in carbon 13 (stable isotope) in its laboratory in France. This technology benefits from a very high know-how with high added value.
LIBIOS offers you unique high quality and purity molecules.
Discover our internal standards 13C labeled.
The most sensitive detection methods, particularly for mycotoxins, now use LC-MS coupling: liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry.

The accurate measure of compounds requires the use of calibration reference solutions and/or the addition of internal standards as tracer of the compound.

The reference standard must best mimic the physico-chemical behaviour of the compound to be quantified. It must, therefore, have a structure close to the entities to be detected and give a specific but differentiated signal of the molecule to be measured.

A very effective solution is to use as an internal standard the same investigated molecule, but marked by stable isotopes.

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