LIBIOS analysis tools, powerful allies of your quality control and innovation

LIBIOS, is a French biotechnology company, established in 2006 by Boutros KERBAJE. Founder and manager, he has extensive scientific and commercial experience in the field of tests and analysis as well as diagnostic solutions.

LIBIOS is a specialized company in the development, production, marketing and distribution of kits and reagents for quality, safety and traceability in the food/feed, environmental and bioanalysis sectors.

LIBIOS products are adapted to professionals: laboratory managers/technicians, R&D, quality control, chromatography, contaminant research…

The LIBIOS offering, both in France and internationally, includes a selection of synergistic and complementary kits and reagents, equipment and accessories covering a wide range of quality control methods, in nutrition, biotechnology and specialized clinical biochemistry.

Libios, focused biotechnology innovation

Since 2016, LIBIOS innovates by opening its own R&D laboratory and works continuously for development of new diagnostic tools meeting the food analysis testing market ever increasing demands.

LIBIOS also proposes to develop customized assays kits and reagents, to meet the needs of manufacturers and research institutes.

The "Made-to-measure" and the flexibility offered at its customers, professionals of all sizes and skills, are advantages that allows better understanding of market expectations and to create trusted partner.