Food allergens

LIBIOS offers immuno-enzymatic and immuno-chromatographic control tests for professionals whose success continues, for reasons of speed, efficiency, good reading of results, ease of use and stability. The use of high-performance antibodies is essential to accurately target the protein.

We support our customers for their quality control plan, to help them with the most suitable method.

Discover our fast and reliable kits for allergens detection.

Our measurement/detection assay kits determinate targeted allergens in food, beverages (raw material and processed products), in environment (surfaces, rinsing water…):

  • Quantification of allergens in samples thanks to immuno-enzymatic kits: more than 25 various allergens are, and spike solutions for each.
  • Qualitative detection (yes or no) of targeted allergens in samples thanks to accurate, efficient and fast Alertox Sticks strips.

About food allergens

Food allergy may be defined as an inappropriate immune response to a food component, usually a protein, by a predisposed individual. Symptoms can vary in severity: digestive, cutaneous, respiratory, general (edema, anaphylactic shock).

Since the 1970s, the incidence of allergies and intolerances, including food, has increased in all developed countries. Changes in the environment, products consumed, lifestyles, etc… The growth of these disorders is now a public health issue, with increasing economic and social costs.

The European Union currently lists 14 allergenic foods, which need to be declared.

Many of these foods are commonly used in industrial preparations: soy, peanuts, fish, milk, sesame, eggs, crustaceans, etc. Moreover, allergies vary from one country to another, depending on consumption habits. In the face of these phenomena an extreme vigilance is required, particularly for industrialists.

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