The LIBIOS expertise at service of your projects in biotechnology

In 2016, LIBIOS decides to offer a new service activity: the development of customized assay kits, reagents and standards.
LIBIOS highlight its specific know-how at the service of companies in the fields of quality, safety and traceability in the food/feed, environmental and bioanalysis.

Are you a research institute, a technical institute, a private company...? Our services can help you improve a process, innovate or allow you to be more competitive!

A know-how production and customized developments

The LIBIOS know-how in terms of kits and reagents production, marketing in France / International and the knowledge of its food diagnostic market are combined with a network of partners with whom we regularly collaborate. These expert-partner master each a specific technology field.

Standards and customized standards

LIBIOS develops your own specific solutions in accordance with your specifications: molecules, volumes, concentration, solvents, packaging...
These customized solutions or precise mixture solution bring you a time saving and safety: economy of time for your technicians, development of a weight certificate, an increase of the stability of your solutions with a deadline for an optimal use.

Stable isotope labeling expertise

LIBIOS has developed a specific expertise and technology for production of labeled internal standard enriched in carbon 13 (stable isotope).
LIBIOS masters now this complex technology with high added value.

We provide you a service « Made-to-measure » to your needs in research and nutrition: on various compounds, type of molecules, natural products, or other products depending on your areas of focus.

These compounds are used as stable isotope tracers and internal standards for research or diagnosis, for example used in the LCMSMS studies of our customers.

Applications: Internal standards / reference materials - Biomarkers - Tracers - Authentication elements.

Assay kits and reagents “Made-to-measure”

Whether you have an antibody, a biomarker, a biochemical recognition element, or just want to develop a marker, LIBIOS proposes to support you at any time of your project (from reflection, passing by conception to the production and marketing of new products).
We design, integrate, validate and produce new prototypes and reagents, standards, Elisa plate, strips required at kit operation.
Developed products can be adapted for site and/or laboratory use.

We also offer to work on the protocol development, the validation of Elisa test (immuno-enzymatic) and test strips (immune-chromatographic): product manual, analysis certificate.

Development of kits / reagents for the research of Biomarkers, of the type:

Immuno-enzymatic (ELISA single-parameter, ELISA multi-parameter)

Immuno-chromatographic (LFD (Lateral Flow Device) single-parameter, LFD multi-parameter)

Providing original solutions to your project ideas limited by a lack of internal technical resources.

LIBIOS is also open to future technical collaborations in order to create specific, unique and innovative products for its customers.

Confidentiality and copyright:

Respect for confidential developments for its partners, is the heart of the LIBIOS strategy.
LIBIOS agrees by contract to this confidentiality by an agreement and/or a R&D project contract.

Strict confidentiality measures are implemented for their employees (secrecy / confidentiality agreement) involved in the project or with access to strategic information, innovations, as well as at the level of service providers and subcontractors.

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