Chromogenic substrates

LIBIOS offers you a scalable list of chromogenic substrates for the determination of enzymatic activities in your food, plant, biological, bacteriological samples, enzymatic industrial preparations and various other matrices.

  • Chromogenic solubles substrates (in powder or in solution) are used for the dosage (quantitative) of enzymatic solutions in using the standard curve available for each product.
  • Insoluble chromogenic substrates are used for the qualitative detection (screening) of specific enzymatic activities. These substrates can be used to detect enzymatic activities in agar plate, microtiter plate assays and semi-quantitative test tube assays. These methods allow for high throughput screening of multiple samples and are accurate, cost effective and easily performed.
  • LIBIOS also offers you enzymatic tablets that contain insoluble chromogenic substrates, but under the form of tablets, in order to be used more easily for the user (turnkey method).

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