Quality of mineral oils

LIBIOS offers professionals in environment to monitor the quality of mineral oils. With various quick test solutions, you can determine: Chlorinated organics, Total Acid number, Total Base Number, Water in used oil.

Chlorinated organics

-CLOR-D-TECT 1000 detects if the chlorine level in used oil is above or below 1000 ppm, whereas CLOR-D-TECT Q4000 determines total chlorine over the range of 200 to 4000 ppm. Both field screening tests are proven tests for measuring total chlorine in used oil, solvents and organic liquids.

-HYDROCLOR-Q is a quantitative field test kit used to measure organic chlorine contamination in oil/water mixtures and used antifreeze. The test takes less than 10 minutes to run and quantifies total organic chlorine in the range of 200 to 4000 ppm. It can be used on water-soluble cutting fluids, sump and bilge water, antifreeze or any fluid that contains greater than 70 % water.

Total Acid Number (TAN) or Total Base Number (TBN) in Industrial Oils

-TITRA-LUBE TAN has been designed for oil quality analyses at the job site. Oxidation of oil, such as lubricating, hydraulic, pump and other oils, is one main cause of mechanical malfunction. These oils can be analysed for TAN (Total Acid Number) quickly and easily by using the TITRA-LUBE TAN test kits. The principle of the test is based on a colorimetric determination, and it covers the range of 0 to 2 TAN units (mg KOH/gram of oil).

-TITRA-LUBE TBN can be used in the field or in a laboratory to determine accurately the TBN (Total Base Number) level in diesel engine oils, in less than 5 minutes. By using this field test kit unnecessary oil changes in machines, equipment and vehicles can be eliminated. The test provides a colorimetric determination of TBN between 0 and 20 KOH per gram of sample.

Water in used oil

Water can be an expensive contaminant in used oil. HYDROSCOUT is a field-portable analyzer that quantifies water in used oils quickly, easily and at low costs. This method allows the true value to be determined of water in used oil before the oil is accepted for transportation, treatment or incineration.

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