Vitamins B8, B9, B12

LIBIOS proposes two analysis methods for vitamins B8, B9, B12: 

Immunoaffinity Columns

Immuno-purification sample preparation columns for the selective concentration of one vitamin using an antibody, for detection by different chromatographic techniques.

Immuno-enzymatic assay method (antigen-antibody reaction)

ELISA assay kits for rapid quantitative determination of vitamins by immuno-enzymatic method (antigen-antibody reaction) with colorimetric revelation and reading of the results using an ELISA plates or bar readers.

Therefore the method is totally specific for each vitamin, using a dedicated antibody to make a reaction with a dedicated antigen.

Consumer interest in healthy eating has increased significantly in recent years. The content of vitamins in the products consumed has therefore taken on great importance and manufacturers have optimized products that are naturally vitamin-enriched or partially added vitamins to their production (to compensate for certain deficiencies.)

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