Hydrocarbures totaux (HCT, TPH)

Hydrocarbons correspond to a big family of compounds such as: crude oil, refined oil, kerosene, essences, fuel, diesel, lubricants, engine oils,… They may be of natural or synthetic origin. Hydrocarbons analysis is part of the control of different wastes destined to return to the environment, because their presence may be an indicator of an anthropogenic pollution and be toxic for ecosystems and humans.

LIBIOS offers a method to analyze Total petroleum Hydrocarbone (TPH) direct in soils thanks to PETROFLAG® reagents + analyzer (turbidimeter)

PETROFLAG® is very suitable method to analysis of contaminated sites in Total petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH), separation of waste materials during excavation or following an accident of pollution by hydrocarbons.

PETROFLAG ® system provides on-site TPH analysis and contains no hazardous chlorofluorocarbons, chlorinated solvents, or dyes. The reagents are premeasured and sealed in glass ampules for ease-of-use and consistent results. The test method responds to the broadest range of hydrocarbons possible offering consistent extraction efficiencies over the range of soil types and conditions most commonly encountered in the field.  PETROFLAG quantifies both aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons in a range from C8-C44; from fuels to heavy lubes/greases. Results are not analyte specific but reflect total hydrocarbon concentration in the sample.

Diagnostic is in three steps : extraction, filtration, detection.

Everything needed to perform ten soil tests can be conveniently carried to the job site in a briefcase size carrying case.

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