Mycotoxins: Fumonisins

LIBIOS offers you various high-quality solutions including consumables for the determination of fumonisins B1, B2, B3 used by analytical laboratories, industries and research institutes.

Fumonisins are toxins produced by Fusarium-type fungi and, in particular, Fusarium moniliforme. Among 13 types of fumonisins identified, the most common are fumonisins B1 (FB1) and fumonisins B2 (FB2).

These fumonisins are often found in maize and its derivatives.

The fungal development in ears generates the fumonisins synthesis directly in the field, before harvest.

Since fumonisins are thermostable, they are still found in the finished product (after the transformation process of the raw material - example of polenta).

Risks incurred by ingestion of feed contaminated with fumonisins for animals: hepatotoxicity, equine leucoencephalolacia, porcine pulmonary edema -
for humans: neurotoxicity, genotoxicity, carcinogenicity.

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