On-site rapid kits, equipment and methods of analysis for efficient and reliable pre-diagnosis

LIBIOS offers kits, reagents, analyzers for immediate on-site pre-diagnosis during excavation operations, construction and demolition waste, electrical transformer maintenance work, etc.

HCT (total hydrocarbons) in soils - PCBs in electrical transformer oils, soils, water - PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon) in asphalt - Water in waste oils or lubricating fluids as to their acid content ... These diagnostic tests allow rapid control analyzes, reliable first results and are therefore particularly suitable in addition to traditional laboratory tests.

Analysis testing kits & TPH / PCB / PAH


Hydrocarbons correspond to a big family of compounds such as: crude oil, refined oil, kerosene, essences, fuel, diesel, lubricants, engine oils,… They may be of natural or synthetic origin. Hydrocarbons analysis is part of the control of different wastes destined to return to the environment, because their presence may be an indicator of an anthropogenic pollution and be toxic for ecosystems and humans.
PETROFLAG® is a very suitable method to analysis of contaminated sites in Total petroleum Hydrocarbone (TPH), separation of waste materials during excavation or following an accident of pollution by hydrocarbons.


Clor-N-Oil® ; Clor-N-Soil® ; L2000DXT® methods (PCB) 

Polychlorobiphenyls (PCBs) accumulate throughout the food chain: the higher the end of the chain, the higher the concentration. You are able to check their presence or their absence in soils or oil samples with LIBIOS diagnostic tools or even to quantify them directly on site, thanks to a specific reader (L2000DXT).


PAK MARKER® method (PAH) (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon)

The PAK MARKER technique is particularly suitable to help professionals to evaluate presence or absence of tars in asphalt in the simplest and quickest way possible: the reading of the result is almost immediate!

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