PCBs and chlorinated solvents

Polychlorobiphenyls (PCBs) accumulate throughout the food chain: the higher the end of the chain, the higher the concentration.

Thanks to LIBIOS diagnostic tools, it is easy to detect them qualitatively or to measure them accuracy.

LIBIOS offers you 2 suitable methods according to your needs and research of sensitivity.

  • Clor-N-Oil® ; Clor-N-Soil® methods to check in few minutes the presence or absence in oils samples (transformers) or in soils.

It is a very simple and quick colorimetric method for a detection at 20, 50 or 500 ppm in oils, and 50 ppm in soils.

Designed to be used in the field, Clor-N-Oil is a fast, accurate method to test electrical insulating fluids for the presence of PCB. Each pocket-sized kit contains everything necessary to perform the test in less than 5 minutes. All premeasured reagents are sealed in glass ampules for safe, fast, consistent and accurate results. Screening transformer oil with Clor-N-Oil can eliminate non-PCB fluids from costly laboratory analysis and allows a greater number of samples to be tested at less cost.

Clor-N-Soil is a self contained test kit that allows field personnel to quickly screen soil for PCB contamination in the event of a transformer leak or accident.  PCB concentration and extent of site contamination are all critical when determining further action.  Clor-N-Soil PCB field screening kits can help you make those decisions on site in a matter of minutes.

  • The L2000 DXT is a portable (field) instrument, which determines the concentration of PCB and chlorinated organic compounds in oil, soil or water matrixes, as well as in wipe samples.
The usable measurement range for oils and soils is 3 to 2000 ppm, 20 ppb to 2000 ppm for water and 3 to 2000 μg/100 cm2 for wipe samples.

The L2000 DXT uses an ion specific electrode to quantify the extracted chloride from the sample and converts the chloride concentration to ppb or ppm PCB.

In comparison with the CLOR-N-OIL test kit, the L2000 DXT quantifies the PCB concentration in the sample and displays the result in ppm (mg/kg). Analysis results can be stored.

If more than 200 samples per year have to be checked for PCB content, the usage of the L2000 DXT Analyzer will be more economic than performing the screenings by CLOR-N-OIL.

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