Determination of mycotoxins, core of profession and expertise of LIBIOS.

LIBIOS develops and maintains a strong expertise in the purification / detection of mycotoxins since its establishment and offers tools and solutions in accordance with national and international standards.
LIBIOS test kits and reagents allow you accurate quantification of mycotoxins in your food and feed samples (raw materials, processed products).

To analyze mycotoxins in your samples, LIBIOS offers different techniques. You are able to target by toxin: aflatoxins, ochratoxin A, deoxynivalenol (DON), fumonisins, T2 toxin, HT2 toxin, zearalenone,… Or select multi-mycotoxin test methods.

What are mycotoxins?

Mycotoxins are low-molecular-weight secondary metabolites produced by different species of fungi, under particular environmental conditions (temperature and moisture) and in presence of substrate (grain damage and nutritional constituents).
Present in the diet, they grow in the fields or during storage and can have toxic effects for humans and animals.
While most mycotoxins are moderately stable in most food processing systems and although some processes shall reduce significantly their concentrations, they fail to eliminate them completely.
The level of mycotoxins in food is regulated at European and international levels.

Analytical methods of mycotoxin assay proposed by LIBIOS

Selective and efficient purification methods for mycotoxins before use on HPLC or LCMSMS

Puri-Fast® Immunoaffinity Columns

Immuno-purification sample preparation columns for the selective concentration of one or more toxins using an antibody, for detection by different chromatographic techniques.

Puri-Fast® Clean-Up / Extra Clean-Up SPE Columns

Columns for the preparation of samples by a separative solid phase specially developed for the purification of a family of toxins as to be detected by different chromatographic techniques.

LIB'UP® certified mycotoxins standards in powder or in solution format; 13C stable isotope labeled standard solutions for:

- preparing your calibration curves on HPLC or LCMSMS
- controlling your extraction method for the mycotoxin targeted

Immuno-enzymatic assay method (antigen-antibody reaction)

ELISA assay kits for rapid quantitative determination of mycotoxins by immuno-enzymatic method (antigen-antibody reaction) with colorimetric revelation and reading of the results using an ELISA plates or bar readers.
Therefore the method is totally specific to each mycotoxin, using a dedicated antibody to make a reaction with a dedicated antigen.

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