Enzymatic assay kits

Enzymatic tests have long been an important part of food processing. They are fast and easy to achieve and offer excellent performance in term of sensitivity, specificity, robustness and reproductibility.

LIBIOS offers you a wide and scalable range of high-quality assay kits, high-performance and long-term storage of reagents, thanks to a selection of concentrated and high-purity enzymes.

The various parameters and methods which are proposed answer to a wide range of industries. Many of these methods have been validated by international organizations as AOAC, AACC, ISO, CEN, DIN…

The most of kits are suitable to various formats: manual (on photometer, spectrophotometer), microplate, auto-analyser. Users therefore have great flexibility in adapting kits and are able to optimize the reagents’ volume and reduce their cost per test.

Our clientele consists of high-throughput analytical laboratories as well as smaller analytical facilities with minimal scientific equipment.

We are able to support all our clients in the implementation of their tests.

LIBIOS also offers you equipment adapted for the use of these reagents. You can buy them but also rent them occasionally in order to validate in advance of any purchase the integration of such or such analysis.

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