eBQC innovative device to quantify the antioxidant capacity

e-BQC, measuring the antioxidant capacity has never been so easy, in less than one minute!

e-BQC device is based on the most powerful analytical technique: electrochemistry. The device measures the resistance of the sample to be oxidized, which is translated to antioxidant capacity. 

With only a drop of sample and in less than a minute, a quick and reliable measurement of the sample’s antioxidant capacity, allowing to differentiate between fast and slow acting antioxidants (Q1 and Q2). This differentiation (Q1 and Q2) is very valuable, allowing us to weigh the measurements and obtain a more complete assessment of the total antioxidant capacity.

Your product developments
You want to develop a new product with wonderful properties?

Quality control
Do you know that antioxidant capacity of a product is a quality marker ?
Do you want to check the influence of your process on antioxidant capacity ?

Added value
Maybe your product has super antioxidant capacity without you knowing it?

Competitive advantage
To differentiate/position yourself: your product can thus differentiate itself from competitor’s products and give trust to your customers.

How does e-BQC lab work?

It is a small device that works with low cost fungible e-BQCstrips.e-BQC is very easy to use: put the strip in the slot, dispense the drop of sample and click the button to measure.

Why should I use e-BQC lab?

  • Accuracy

Two values (fast and slow antioxidants)

  • Portable: Time Saving

Portable device to make a quick and easy measure anywhere. The result is obtained in less than a minute what saves a lot of time.

  • Simplicity

You will only need one device for all your antioxidant capacity measurements.

  • Versatility

Any liquid sample: biological samples, drinks and beverages.

For a specific quantification of antioxidants and reactive species by colorimetric/fluorimetric assay kits of dosage, discover our range of BQC kits.

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