Standards and Antibodies for analytical and R&D applications

LIBIOS offers you analytical standard solutions that can be used as controls or standards. These standards are as well designed to prepare your calibration curves during the assays of your samples by auto-analysers or microplate readers.

LIBIOS offers also a range of antibodies to use as as molecular probes in analytical and research applications.

Analytical standards

These standards benefit from a very high concentration, higher than the concentration of standards included in associated enzymatic assay kits.

The higher concentration allows for a wider range of concentration measurements for the samples.
So you don’t have to make your own standard. It’s ready to use.

To make a calibration curve with these standards, it is sufficient to perform a simple dilution in series.

Finally, these standards can be used in research and, as they are tested and controlled at a known concentration, are an excellent reference material for anyone who may need this particular solution.

Antibodies for analytical and R&D applications

Dedicated to university researchers interested in plant cell walls and research institutes in biomass and food ingredients, these monoclonal antibodies can be used for in situ detection of polysaccharides in plant cell walls.

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